Anyone old enough to remember this 90’s MTV show? It was the best and Chester was always my favorite. Picked up this totally cres pin from PinTryst and you can get the other two at Bermuda Press.


I first became familiar with Steve Keene after seeing the cover he painted for Pavement’s, Wowee Zowee. Years later, I found out through a friend that you could go on his website and purchase 8 random pieces for something like $45. Knowing that wouldn’t last long, I bought.. a lot more than 8.. and now I have his artwork hanging all around my home and office.

Fun Fact: He was called the “Assembly-Line Picasso” by Time magazine for his ability to pump out 100+ paintings per day. To date, Steve Keene has sold or given away over 300,000 pieces.

See more of his work here.