Artist SpotLight: Quinn Murphy of Hamster Labs

Quinn is a Phoenix local graphic designer as well as owner of Hamster Labs Print and Design. He was able to put together the awesome print below for Hello Merch using our Building located in downtown Phoenix. With his avant-garde ideas and designs we knew he would bring something special to the table for us, and boy did he deliver.

Each poster is screen printed by hand on French Paper Co 100# Cover White and can be purchased here.

Net proceeds benefit The Human Services Campus, a collaborative force of 16 partner organization with the shared outcome of ending homelessness for people everyday.

Artist Spotlight: Bridget Richardson

Bridget Richardson of Day Off Ltd. was nice enough to put together this design for Hello’s first artist spotlight.
“The goal for this shirt is for people to turn their motivations from making money to being better!” 
All net proceeds donated to ACLU.


I first became familiar with Steve Keene after seeing the cover he painted for Pavement’s, Wowee Zowee. Years later, I found out through a friend that you could go on his website and purchase 8 random pieces for something like $45. Knowing that wouldn’t last long, I bought.. a lot more than 8.. and now I have his artwork hanging all around my home and office.

Fun Fact: He was called the “Assembly-Line Picasso” by Time magazine for his ability to pump out 100+ paintings per day. To date, Steve Keene has sold or given away over 300,000 pieces.

See more of his work here.