that dog. is set to release a limited edition 7” vinyl – Totally Crushed Outtakes – on March 31st, 2017 via Hello Records. Limited to 500 pieces in white vinyl, the 7” and other limited merch packages are available starting today, February 28th, here. Fans can also stream one of the tracks, “Ms. Wrong,” in anticipation of the release below!

that dog. was founded in Los Angeles by Anna Waronker (lead vox, guitar), TonyMaxwell (drums) and sisters Rachel Haden (bass, vox) and Petra Haden (violin, vox). Totally Crushed Outtakes were recorded in 1995 by Tom Grimley at Poop Alley in Los Angeles, CA. These were the first recordings of “MsWrong,” “Silently,” and “OneSummer Night” and have never before been released. The band ended up re-recording these songs for the album Totally Crushed Out.

“Silently” was initially recorded as an acoustic song with banjo and pedal steel guitar. Label mate and frequent touring and recording buddy Beck played the banjo. Ironic intrigue alert: unbeknownst to Beck, Anna wrote this song about him! Childhood friend of Tony and Anna and frequent Beck guitarist Smokey Hormel played the pedal steel guitar. Also recorded during those sessions was the final track “Punk Rock Lobster,” which features a guest appearance by Benett Rogers and captures the behind-the-scenes fun that dog. had recording with Grimley at his studio/loft. Make sure to listen for added background ambience courtesy of the noisy car repair shop next door. 

Be sure to take a listen to “Ms. Wrong” from the Totally Crushed Outtakes by that dog. and check out pre-order bundles now!

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